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For Microsoft (as in the company, working in the field of technology) e long used by the communication. The first e-mail system, we set in the early eighties. Even when we had only 12 employees, she gave a notable effect, and quickly turned into Home vnutriofisnoy form of communication. E-mail has replaced the office and reports ladnye notes, seminars, and business records of the telephone talks Dancers. It has affected the productivity of our labor, still small the company, well, but today, when we have thousands of employees, without it simply as no hands!
E-mail is very easy to use. To write and ice give the email I "click" with a large button labeled "Compose" (Communication). On the screen appears a simple form. First, I there vpisyvayu name of the person (or persons), which is my message, or choose its (their) from the online address book. I can even specify that just want to send a message to the entire group of reporters. For example steps I often peresylayu information leading to staff employed project Microsoft Office, and therefore the address on my list and that the addressee is, "Offi ce." If I choose it, the information comes to all those affected, it is. When transmitting messages in the "From" (From) automatically get lies my name. Then I enter in a brief message to his title. Now the recipient will understand immediately, as it is and from whom. Since then, I Whole the text of the message.
EMAIL-usually one or two proposals without lyubez- and to its shutochek. I always have to send three or four persons emails like: "I propose to cancel a meeting Monday Monday at 11 am and will use that time to prepare for the presentation Tuesday. Objections? "The answer may be as brief as possible, say such tal: "Was."
If such an exchange of views if you think too brief, do not forget davajte that every Microsoft employee receives an average daily decentralization dozens of electronic notes. An email like Rejoinder or subject to instantaneous reaction Rapporteur on the situation, an idea in the process of continuous communication. Of course, Microsoft has established a system mu email, but, as office phone, it is still pulyarna amateur talk on personal topics, or simply chat. It is no secret that exploit tourists, members of Microsoft Hiking Club (Microsoft Tourist Club), in a manner fortunes for the group to traverse the mountain. In addition, e-mail definitely helped Couple novels in the development of Microsoft. Yes I do, even when just beginning caring for his future wife Melinda, appointed her to visit e-mail. Indeed, for some reason people feel a more comfortable communicating by e-mail than by phone or leasing Tzom to face. This can be an advantage, and problem-based the situation demands.
I spend several hours a day, "Reviewing" electronic correspondents ments from employees, customers and partners from around the world. Any work melting in the company could send me an email and since I am the only who reads it, no one need worry on compliance with the protocol or insubordination.
Apparently, I would not be spending so much time, if my e - not known address was almost the entire audience. There is a book-E-Mail Addresses of the Rich & Famous, "which, along with electronic addresses themselves such celebrities as Rush Limbaf (Rush Limbaugh) and Senator Ted Kennedy (Ted Kennedy), and included me. Preparing about me in the magazine article The New Yorker, John Seabrook (John Seabrook) intervyuiroval my main nom by e-mail. This way of dialogue has been very effekti- veins, and I liked his art, but it was mentioned me in e-mail. As a result zavalila Avalanche-mail me! Human go there just was not: and messages from students, in which they requested to me, in fact, for them to carry out homework assignments, and requests for money, and the message from a group of serving and protecting whales somehow incorporated my its mailing list. My address is a constant target and homey localized attacks and the reactions of friendly strangers, and sometimes simply carried mentors press statements (like "If you do not respond until tomorrow at me the question, I publish a story about you and polugoloy waitress! ").
For Microsoft (in the e-mail), there are special addresses submitted nominated for business proposals, feedback from buyers program rammnyh legitimate products, and other types of communication. But still much from the mail comes to me, and I had to redirect its staff suitable divisions. In addition, the e-mail three popadayutsya the equivalent of letters such as "read-pass to another", which bypassed slightly Does not the whole city. Some threaten to abstract misfortune, if you do not transfer repravite of someone else. Others, in this case, specify Interest BER: more often than not predicting discord in intimate relations. A third - they found me six years already contain bread recipe home and the history of how the company demanded something from a woman too a lot of money for this recipe, so she wants to share it with you free. Different versions of letters, the company appears under malicious various names. It is obvious that this is just an attempt patient Rights to keep the accounts of a corporation. All these postings lesitsa mixed with a really serious and important for me honored one. Fortunately, the software is constantly being improved, and now it has a feature that allows me to establish the priority admission mail from specific senders.
As I always travel in the evenings podklyuchayu your portable computer to electronic mail system with Microsoft to take correspondence and send the one that I have accumulated over the day. Meanwhile, most receive the body did not even notice that I am not in the office. Connected to our Enterprises T network from the remote site, I can also tell clicking the only icon of a sale, to check the situation with the project or turn to any other databases. When me away from the office cue Thousands of miles and 12 time zones, I first of all look at your e ronny mailbox: it is by e-mail almost always come bad news. And if they are not, I am calm.
We are now using e-mail for the most unforeseen price lei. For example, since the beginning of the annual campaign to raise funds to favorably voritelnye want (Microsoft Giving Campaign) our employees receive email special invitation. In addition to the call to take participating in these reports contains a program, the administering specialist Colonial card. Clicking the icon of the program puts itself on the screen the card, through which a staff member undertakes to donate some decentralization - tender amount in cash or as a deduction from wages. In the latter case, the data is automatically entered into a database Microsoft, which meets gen statement of the salaries. Card allows officer send your gift directly to the local charity United Way organization or any other non-profit institutions. When any member may wish to specify the exact type (or types) charity must make his money in the United Way. It may even refer to the appropriate server to get information about of such by the organization and learn what of the charity in their district. All this event from the beginning and the end just runs in electronic form. Therefore, I, as head of the company, daily analysis ziruya received summaries, can decide whether we participate actively in favorably voritelnoy campaign or must once again appeal to consciousness.